AlgoReturns is a boutique quantitative research group specializing in mid-low frequency trading and risk management. Our research motivation is two-fold a) Can quantitative strategies be developed specifically for mid-low frequency trading that can support large allocation dollars? b) Can the “half-life” of quantitative strategies be improved? Besides the two primary motivations, we also wanted to produce research with more rigor around real-world trading experiences rather than a theoretical framework. Real world trading exposes a strategy to intraday price movements – therefore our strategy and testing is done on intraday price movements too.  

The Trident Algorithm

Trident is our flagship research product which generates signals predicting (on a standalone basis) a large change in prices (volatility) over a customizable period (from 1-30+ days). The underlying quantitative property that drives the predictive ability is a naturally repeating phenomenon which extends the “half-life” of the predictive capability to a near perennial term. The underlying quantitative property has been tested on Commodity Futures, Stock Indices and ETFs with nearly equal efficacy. Trident, however, only works well with liquid asset classes where the price discovery process is through public markets.


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