AlgoReturns (Algo) offers a unique value proposition for the futures trading community.  The Company has developed a turnkey solution with a family of algorithmic trading products that covers the entire spectrum of the needs of the players involved in futures trading including FCM’s, CTA’s, brokers and individual traders, both retail and institutional.  

Algorithmic trading is very popular with high frequency trading and day trading strategies. AlgoReturns however, focuses exclusively on developing algorithms for longer term trades, an area that is computationally complex and underserved by traditional algorithm developers. Our algorithms are powered by prudent risk management, economic theory & research, data science techniques and industry experience.

Algo’s product family was developed through our technology platform called VAREA and includes a research product called Signal Menus (for Letter of Direction aka (LOD) accounts, Self-Directed (SD) accounts and Brokers Assisted accounts (BAST), fully automated trading systems and customized, tailored solutions for signals and systems.  While we offer all the above, our focus and specialty is the tailored/customized solutions and the Signal Menu products with the Trident Signal Menu as our flagship product.  As part of our offering, we work with and educate futures brokers and traders to assist them in getting the most effective trading out of our systems.

The company founders are passionate about creating new investment products that better serve both retail and institutional investor goals while adhering to prudent capital and risk management constraints.

Patache Digital:  Algoreturns Entry into DeFi

Algoreturns has formed a Joint Venture called Patache Digital with a DeFi veteran, Erik Mayo.  The basic premise of Patache is to apply the same logic and IP used in our traditional finance (TradFi) products to the DeFi universe.

Mr. Mayo is an active investor and advisor to early-stage companies in the US and Latin America in fintech and digital asset strategies.  He has also engaged in strategic advisory work for Sommelier and proposed the original idea which evolved into the AAVE cellar developed by Seven Seas.

Patache is in the process of developing tools and products for DeFi applications that satisfy a need in Defi where the ecosystem lacks basic utility tools and infrastructure that are ubiquitous in TradFi.  Seasoned traditional finance traders cannot easily migrate their strategies to DeFi and there is a need for the opportunistic pursuit of fragmented liquidity across DEX’s.  In addition, Patache will also provide products similar to our TradFi signals to the DeFi space.

A summary of products offered:


  1. Trade order bots
  2. Extend to multiple assets across multiple chains and DEXs
  3. Add functionality to order bots


  1. Trading signals
  2. Trade Management
  3. Portfolio Management

Why Algorithmic Trading?

    • Powerful shift in demographics trending toward digitization and AI. 
    • Demographics that is habituated with digital recommendations in social media platforms.
    • Best of “Hands-free” and “Expert Oversight” trading strategy with consistent risk management
    • Affordable by small investors and large institutional investors alike
    • Modest capital requirements

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