Trident Applications

We present three potential areas where Trident can be commercially applied and provide a brief narrative alongside.

  1. Trident for Education & Training – Trident signals are good training material for new traders and brokers who want to “learn by doing”. The signal’s ability to predict large change in prices provides a superior training ground for “captaining a ship in rough seas”.
  2. Trident for Alpha generation – Trident is a valuable resource for a trading team that is searching for systematic alpha opportunities but wants the fundamental flexibility to manage the opportunity. The Trident algorithm generates a sustainable “edge” in trading; however, it does not generate the exact specifications of a trade. Professional trading teams are likely to improve Trident’s edge with an overlay from fundamental analysis, current events, and individual market experience.In addition to signal generation, we have the ability offer customized research for traders & researchers who need guidance on alpha generation strategy (such as size of risk limits, profit targets, the initial direction).
  1. Trident for Hedging – Trident predicts volatility; on days when a short-term Trident Signal is active it would be best to avoid buying hedges for the next 2-3 days as volatility (option prices) will be higher. We can train the Trident algorithm to predict “stability” instead of volatility with a few tweaks. Using intraday Trident signals can further fine-tune the opportunistic acquisition of hedges.

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